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Cookies are designed to use to store pieces of information on your device such as computer, laptop, and mobile when you visit a website.

Please note that the term “Cookies” used in this notice refer to cookies and similar technologies. Continue reading to know more about cookies and how they are used on our website.

Types Of Cookies Used On Our Website

The following types of cookies are used on this website for various reasons as described below.

  • Must Have cookies – These cookies are essential for the basic functions of our website. For example, cookies that enables users to log into the account. These are not used for advertising purposes.
  • Functional cookies –These cookies allow us to customize your visit experience. These cookies enable us to personalize the content we serve to you as per your saved preferences.
  • Affiliate program cookies – These cookies are set when the user clicked a particular deals or discount offer. Later on when the user purchase something from the participating business partner, with the help of these cookies our partners will know that users has come via our website and we may earn a small referral commission.
  • Social Media cookies – Additionally, social media cookies are also used to enable the users to login via social media channels like Facebook or twitter.

Third Party Cookie Policy Disclaimer

In “third-party cookie”, the word “party” refers to the web-domain that is placing the cookie. We do not have much control over, or access to, third-party cookies or the information they contain. Third parties manage any information, which they collect from cookies they place in accordance with their privacy policies.

Options To Remove And Manage Cookies

In case you do not want that sites store cookies on your PC, you can easily block websites from setting cookies using the browser settings. However, blocking cookies might prevent some pages on this website from displaying correctly.

Most of the popular web browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla supports Incognito mode. By using this mode, most of our cookies are not set in your device.

Cookies can be easily disabled and deleted using the browser setting on your device.

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