Top 10 Best Beaches In Australia

Top 10 Beaches in Australia

Australia is a world famous country for its distinctive features, it’s beautiful and pollution frees climate, its healthy and strong people and its beautiful coastline. The country has an amazing coastline of fifty thousand kilometers with more than eleven thousands of beaches. These are loved by so many people, both who belong to this amazing land and the others who visit this country for their vacations or for work. It is also considered as the dream destination for photographers.

After researching this country for its famous beaches, here we have gathered the list of stunningly beautiful best beaches in Australia that offers amazing scenery and many activities for you to experience.

1.  Turquoise Bay


One of the Top beaches in Australia is Turquoise Bay beach. It is located near Town Exmouth. The place is famous for its crystal clear beaches and Ningaloo Reef. The place is best for experienced swimmers as weak or beginner swimmers are not advised to swim because of the strong currents in the ocean.

The beautiful reefs in the Ningaloo reef area have plenty of fish species in multiple colors that you will always remember along with the memories of your Australian trip. If you are an Australian resident, you can get your beach photos printed on mugs, calendars or even t-shirts at Photobook. Use one of the Photobook promo codes to save upto 40% on your orders.


2.  Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

The iconic Bondi beach of Australia is an amazing beach destination that you can explore and enjoy sitting by the seaside. It’s a perfect beach cultural destination all surrounded by a lot of restaurants and cafes.

With vibrant water sports, people also enjoy swimming, surfing and walking around the beautiful sand beach, enjoy delicious food and explore some amazing shopping places.

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3.  Cable Beach

Cable Beach

The beach that ranks in the top 5 best beaches of Australia is the Cable Beach; it is a perfect place that you can explore while you drive a car in the low tides region. The beach is covered with sand dunes and ochre red cliffs that make the view more majestic at the sunset. While you are in the cable beach, you can enjoy swimming, Kayaking, Surfing and other water sports.

4.  The Basin Beach

The Basin Beach

The Basin beach located in Northern Sydney is a popular travel destination spot for family and friends; this place is perfect for kids to safely swim in water. The beach offers clear waters, calm sand beaches and stunning views of the palm islands.

You can enjoy this beach destination and go for a camping and enjoying the distant views of Barrenjoey Head Lighthouse. This place is easily accessible by a ferry, water taxi and through an Uber.

Surfing for long hours at the beach requires you to be in pink of health with strong muscles. Consuming proteins could be a good way to do that. Try Myprotein coupons to get proteins at a discount price in Australia.

  1. Manly Beach

Manly Beach of Australia

Another amazing beach lined up among the most amazing beach of Australia is the Manly beach. It is located in New South Wales and has a lot to offer.

The beach is divided into three sections North Steyneand Queenscliff, South Steyne. It is a surfer’s beach that gives amazing waves to surf on. This place has s vibrant night life with restaurants, cafes, hotels and shopping areas.

6.  Burleigh Heads,

Burleigh Heads Beach

Lying in the Gold Coast of Queensland in Australia, this coastal suburb is amazing spot to spend your vacation here. It is a perfect spot for swimming, and surfing. The place is also a National Surfing Reserve and a National Park. It has good walking paths and clear sand to sit back and relax. This is indeed a perfect place for family and friends to have delicious foods and watch the surfers surfing in the ocean.

7.  Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach

The stunning distant views of the Whitehaven beach will make your jaw drop, the beach is among the finest beaches of Australia and is also an untouched beauty that you should feel and memorize.

The Whitehaven beach is the heart of the Great Barrier Reef and is surrounded by Whitsunday National Park. This place is just a thirty minutes journey from Hamilton Island and can enjoy the Yatch, Sea Plane and the Helicopter journey to see the stunning views of this beautiful island.

8.  Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay Beach

Located in the Tasmania’s East Coast, it is also known as the Freycinet National Park. The blue green ocean beach is a perfect place to spend a lone time.  It is among the finest and most beautiful beaches in the world. It has some spectacular scenery that you can enjoy along with some rock climbing, swimming, fishing and sea kayaking. The white sand curve beach is also home to the ancient tribes of Tasmanian Aborigines for more than 18,000 years.

  1. Salmon Bay

Salmon Beach

The beautiful coastline of this bay is indeed a very beautiful view where Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming, Surfing and Fishing are the major attractions to try and experience. The place is an untouched beauty of this land is almost empty in the high season as well.

It is just a few kilometers from the Windy Harbor and swimming is not recommended for some times of the year due to the strong winds. Really a pristine and scenic destination, which gives a perfect getaway for beach lovers.

10.      Pinky Beach

Pinky Island Beach

This stunning Island is on the Rottnest Island of Perth in Australia, it is a perfect Island destination that is filled with more than 55 bays and beaches. The pinky beach gives the best sunset views besides the Bathrust Lighthouse. Thousands of locals and tourists visit this place for their vacation every year.



The above were some of the most amazing beach destinations In Australia that are world famous, these places have so much to experience and do. The Oceanic country is indeed blessed with such amazing beaches that one should definitely try while they visit to Australia.


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